U.S. sales figures to the contrary, Ford can sell lots of small, efficient cars

Yesterday we mentioned Ford's (and GM's and Chrysler's) declining domestic sales figures for May. The theory for the Big Three's inability to increase sales is that fuel-efficient Japanese cars are winning over customers. Well, if the market wants smaller, fuel-efficient cars, then Ford is willing to deliver. In Brazil, at least.

Brazil, as many readers will already know, uses a lot of ethanol. Even "regular" gasoline there is 25 percent ethanol and more than 75 percent of all vehicles sold in Brazil are flexible fuel vehicles.  According to Paddock Talk, Ford of Brazil introduced its first flexible fuel vehicle, the Ford Fiesta, in 2004. Barry Engle, Ford of Brazil's president, said it was "a huge hit." Today, Ford of Brazil offers three high-volume flexible fuel vehicles: the Fiesta sedan, the Fiesta hatchback, and the Ford EcoSport. Now, because of customer demand Ford of Brazil is set to introduce a flex-fuel Fiesta with a small 1-liter engine. One-liter engines are the most popular engine types in Brazil. If Ford can give consumers the small cars they want in Brazil, perhaps Ford will be able to do the same in America some day.

[Source: Paddock Talk]

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