Zipcar has 100 vehicles available now in Chicago

100 cars are ready to be shared and are waiting in 14 neighborhoods around Chicago, part of yesterday's launch that gave Zipcar the largest car sharing fleet in Illinois. The state government is promoting car sharing through a $25,000 grant that encourages car sharing in Illinois. Zipcar is matching the amount, so a total of $50,000 will be given back to new Zipcar members in the form of $50 credit to each of the first 1,000 members. The City of Chicago is also exempting all car sharing programs from rental car taxes. Zipcar also said the company plans on "significantly" increasing the Chicago fleet by the end of the year.
GE Commercial Finance Services in May green-lighted $20 million in vehicle lease financing for Zipcar, which will be used to source and roll out new vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively, Zipcar says. Zipcar currently operated 1,800 vehicles around North America.

[Source: Zipcar]

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