Car sharing comes to Chicago with Zipcar's newest hub

Zipcar, the largest car sharing service in the country, opened up shop in Chicago yesterday, with dozens of cars now parked throughout the city awaiting customers. But Chicago is not the last city in the Midwest the car ownership alternative company hopes to operate in. In fact, Chicago is slated to be the hub of Zipcar's expansion in the Midwest. According to Zipcar, 3,000 people a month are signing up for the service, which rents cars to members by the hour. Some numbers thrown out by the company are: Zipcar members save $435 a month vs. owning a car; each Zipcar has the effect of taking 20 privately-owned vehicles off the road. If you're interested in making money with Zipcar, now's your chance. The company is looking for applicants for their new Chicago service. These transportation alternatives aren't going to staff themselves, you know.
[Source: Zipcar]

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