Top ten most fuel-efficient large vehicles

You want a fuel-efficient vehicle, but due to family obligations, job needs or simply outward appearances, you've disregarded a hybrid, compact or mid-sized sedan. So what's left?

Business Week has scoured a variety of large vehicles, looking for the best in terms of fuel-efficiency and cargo/passenger space, and finally selected its top ten to fit virtually any owner's want or need. After you've reviewed their picks, comments are open for your opinions.

The top ten vehicles include:
  1. Luxury Sedan-Overall Fuel Economy - Lexus GS300
  2. Luxury Sedan-Most Space - Lincoln Town Car
  3. SUV-Overall Fuel Economy - Chevrolet Trailblazer
  4. SUV-Most Space - Toyota Land Cruiser (pictured)
  5. Minivan-Overall Fuel Economy - Honda Odyssey
  6. Minivan-Most Space - Toyota Sienna
  7. Large Sedan-Overall Fuel Economy - Ford Five Hundred
  8. Large Sedan-Most Space - Ford Crown Victoria
  9. Pickup Truck-Overall Fuel Economy - Toyota Tundra
  10. Pickup Truck-Payload - Chevrolet Silverado
[Source: Business Week]

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