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New Volvo trucks will meet 2009's Euro V regulations

Truck manufacturer AB Volvo, which has full control of the Mack Trucks brand in North America and Renault Trucks in Europe, announced it will showcase its environmentally-friendly engines at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover that starts on September 21. The new medium-duty and heavyweight long haul trucks (not pictured) will all meet the Euro V requirements that don't officially kick in until 2009. The trucks will emit 80 percent fewer particulates and 50 percent less nitrogen oxide than trucks that are operating under the current Euro III legislation. Platinum Today reports that Volvo AB will "proudly present its parallel hybrid technology for large, long-haul vehicles, combining an electric motor and a diesel engine. Both components of the so-called D7 unit can work independently, reducing fuel consumption by more than a third on short urban journeys."

[Source: Platinum Today]

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