FordBoldMoves Episode 6: The Future of Fuel, the Future of Ford

The sixth webisode of the FordBoldMoves documentary begins with a statement of fact: " Ford has the worst fuel efficiency of any automaker in America." That's what we like about these little shorts – they can be brutally honest about the condition of Ford, even if they do tend to end with a hope-springs-eternal attitude. The sixth webisode speaks to Ford's past failure and current efforts to become a greener automaker. Examples such as the Hybrid Escape taxi fleet in New York and the upcoming introduction of the first hydrogen internal combustion engine shuttle buses later are used to show the Blue Oval is working on the problem. But, as many have noted before us, Ford planned for a gas-guzzling economy with its heavy investment in trucks and SUVs over the past twenty years, and now that consumer taste is shifting Ford needs to shift with it.

No doubt many who watch Episode 6 will focus on the clay model that's briefly displayed on screen in between shots of the Shelby GR-1.

Also, don't forget to check out a Counterpoint article by AutoblogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco in which he argues that Ford's future will be found in a hydrogen economy.

[Source: FordBoldMoves]

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