GM vice president says automakers need to produce hybrids, sense be damned

Bob Lutz, GM vice president of global product development said on Tuesday at the launch of the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa that automakers need to produce hybrid vehicles even though the economic and environmental benefits are not as spectacular as they could be. Lutz said that he likes hybrids. He enjoys driving them, is glad the Saturn Vue has a "simple" hybrid engine, and that GM will introduce a two-mode hybrid engine in some of its full-size pick-up trucks next year, but they're just not totally sensible for a car company's economics. GM's new hybrid system should net the trucks a 25 or 30 percent fuel economy gain. There's one Lutz quote that sums up the entire article: "I would say it's [hybrid technology is] a necessary technology from a public policy and PR standpoint and technologically of doubtful benefit - costing every company that does them a lot of money."
[Source: EV World]

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