Porsche GT1 development details

Autocar has cobbled together what we know about the GT1 so far to create this rendering of what the Bugatti Veyron-beater might look like when it surfaces sometime in 2009. The info we already know hasn't changed much. The car will be a 950-bhp, street-legal version of Porsche's future Le Mans racer and use the Carrera GT's carbon fiber frame with a new nose and tail. The GT1's top speed will be 254 mph, 2 mph more than the Veyron.

Autocar's drawing is said to be inspired from leaked technical drawings, so this is more than an artist's best guess. The magazine also claims that Porsche has already begun testing 950-bhp engines, despite not knowing whether the GT1's powerplant will be a turbocharged version of the Carrera GT's V10 or a bored-out, twin-turbo version of the Cayenne S's V8. Regardless of which engine is chosen, the GT1 holds the promise of stealing the top podium spot away from the Bugatti Veyron.

[Source: Speed TV via GermanCarBlog]

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