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Ford's Ambassador Club attempts to increase employee discount sales

Ford Motor Company employees and retirees each account for less than one AXY-Plan sale per year (the AXY-Plan is Ford's employee and supplier discount program). The company claims that if it could only add one additional discounted sale per employee and retiree each year, a market share gain of two percent could be realized. That's not exactly small potatoes in today's marketplace. As such, the company has started what it calls the Ambassador Club for those employees who directly contribute to multiple Plan sales each year.

Workers who put on their sales faces outside of work and provide PINs that contribute to two Plan sales will receive basic membership to the Ambassador Club, which basically means that members will be given swag like logo'd shirts, hats, and so on, with the hope that displaying said gear in public will lead to further Plan sales. Two more sales bring membership to the club's Inner Circle, with as-yet unspecified benefits. So if you're in the market for a Ford and you know an employee of the company, go ahead and hit them up for a AXZ-Plan PIN - you could save several thousand dollars, and they'll get a nice polo shirt.

[Source: Blue Oval News]

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