"Huge" potential for alternative fuels in Florida

Think Florida and you think orange juice, right? Well, in the processing of orange juice there is a lot of leftover peel and pulp. These materials are just one of the many sources of biomass for alternative fuels like ethanol available to Florida, according to this article in the Lakeland-area Ledger. Other possible sources include sugar cane, animal manure and yard wastes, which Florida has a lot of since it ranks in the top ten states in agriculture production. The oil rigs off the coast don’t produce nearly enough oil to meet the state’s needs (the article is a little unclear on this point, but it seems to say Florida only produces about one percent of the oil it uses).
Pretty soon here at AutoblogGreen we will have referenced some sort of green energy project or future outlook from every state in America. If you know of an incredibly local story (like the science fair from yesterday), let us know.

[Source: The Ledger, Tip by Joel A.]

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