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Making the most of our roads, two ways

Paris reclaims pavement for pedestrians, The Cloud Collective farms algae near the freeway.

Creating green space for pedestrians or growing algae for energy are two practical solutions for when there's too much roadway.

EPA increases amount of biofuel in US gas supply in new RFS

The EPA is boosting the amount renewable fuels in the US gasoline supply despite opposition by an unusual alliance.

Biofore concept car is a plant-laden, sustainable ride

Old-school surfers have a special place in their heart for the classic paneled station wagons affectionately referred to as "woodies." Now, some folks in Finland are looking to put a new spin on the term with what it says will be the ultimate "green" vehicle.

Colorado ethanol producer Front Range Energy moves from corn to woody biomass

The Environmental Protection Agency continues to give the green light to E15, but the biofuel doesn't have to come from corn ethanol. The exact source of the ethanol in gasoline – whether its 10 percent ethanol (E10) or 15 percent (E15) – isn't impacting Jon LeSage

Primus dedicates 'drop-in' fuel plant in New Jersey

Many alt-rock fans think fondly of Primus, the name of the Bay Area funk-metal group led by legendary bassist Les Claypool. Now, perhaps, alt-fuel fans can get a similarly positive vibe.

Video: Finnish politician converts 1987 El Camino to run on wood gas

El Camino converted to run on wood gas – Click above to watch video after the jump

DOE to hand out $12 million for advanced biofuels development

To support President Obama's goal of reducing America's oil imports by a third by 2025, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it will accept applications for $12 million in funding for laboratory or small pilot-scale projects aimed at developing advanced biofuels. Successful projects will focus on technologies that enable biofuels to directly replace gasoline, diesel or jet fuels wi

DOE's Biomass Program hosting algae webinar today

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Biomass Program will host a webinar entitled "The Promise and Challenge of Algae as a Renewable Source of Biofuels" later today (2-4:30 p.m. EDT). This online conference marks the beginning of the DOE's series of webinars that will focus on the development of renewable fuels, power and products from biomass resources.

Study: better to burn biomass to power electric cars than to make ethanol

Corn ethanol promoters, get out your keyboards. You've got another dragon to slay. A new study has found that it is more efficient to straight-up burn plant material to generate electricity and then charge up electric vehicles than to make ethanol for those vehicles. Professor Elliot Campbell at the University of California Merced was lead author of a study that looked at the most efficient way t

Audi R10s to run on blended GTL/BTL diesel at Le Mans

Ever since the debut of the Audi R10 in 2006, the mighty diesel-powered sports cars have been running on a gas-to-liquid (GTL) diesel fuel supplied by Shell. For the 2008 running of the 24 hours of Le Mans coming up in a few weeks, Audi and Shell will try a new blend that combines the GTL fuel with a BTL (biomass-to-liquid) fuel supplied by Choren. Choren is a German company that has been collaborating with Audi's parent company Volkswagen to Sam Abuelsamid

Project BioReGen: Planting trees to recover a damaged ecosystem

The project BioReGen is a very interesting plan developed on abandoned industrial estate in the north-east of England (Durham County). Basically, the project recovers polluted land by planting specific crops - in this case, crops intended for biofuels. The process is called biorecovery (see also MSU's project).

Oklahoma State working on sweet sorghum ethanol process

Ethanol is in the middle of a flux right now, with the common corn-based ethanol being by far the most available source of the alternative fuel. The future of ethanol is cellulosic, but the technology has not matured to the point where the consumer can fill their tank with the cellulosic-based fuel. Unfortunately, the corn feedstock that we use for the ethanol that is common in the United States is not nearly the most efficient source of biomass. There are many better choices for biomass, like s

Making biofuels with small, fast reactors located close to biomass sources

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are working on a new method to create syngas from biomass which can then be burned directly to make electricity or converted to many different liquid fuels that we use today. There are already processes being used to create syngas, but this particular one might be the quickest and most efficient. Using "a 700 to 800 degree Celsius porous surface" along

Another car that is made from biomass ... wood

This is the second vehicle that we've shown you which is made almost entirely of biomass. The first one was undoubtedly cool and used hemp materials for the bodywork. That car ran on ethanol and would be a first class ride for the right person, and it was capable of 150 miles per hour. This one, on the other hand, is

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