Land Rover LR3 sat-nav used to guide cargo plane

As part of its "Designed for the Extraordinary" marketing campaign, the adventurous folks at Land Rover rolled a 2006 LR3 onboard a C-130 "Hercules" cargo plane, and then the flight crew used the car's nav system to navigate the plane from Nice, France to the island of Corsica.

In true over-the-top marketing-speak, Sally Eastwood, VP marketing for Land Rover North America, says, "This is a truly extraordinary demonstration of the capability and adventure inherent within all Land Rover vehicles, and the LR3 in particular." We're not sure we'd go quite that far, but the innovative P.R. stunt should make for a cool TV spot for those interested in the "off road" capabilities of the LR3's nav system.

[Sources: Land Rover; AdWeek]

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