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singapore grand prix

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    Report: Some in F1 think Vettel's car is illegal

    Traction control has been banned in Formula One since 2009, but some people in the sport claim championship leader Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull car has some form of traction-control system after he was lapping the Singapore Grand Prix circuit more than two seconds per lap faster than his nearest ...

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    Motorsports: Race Recap: Singapore Grand Prix is about a safety car and submission

    The Singapore Formula One Grand Prix is the Monaco GP of the Orient – a weekend known more for its glamour and time-slot than on-track action, with a temporary circuit that punishes every mistake, usually terminally. Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas got the best of Free Practice ...

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    Video: Watch this talking bird predict the winner of F1's Singapore GP

    At any sporting event, there's no shortage of know-it-all buffoons. What there is a shortage of, is know-it-all buffoons that happen to be birds. In anticipation of this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, Pole Position traveled to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, to get the not-so-professional ...

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    Motorsports: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix lights up the night [spoilers]

    Though you might call the Singapore Grand Prix one of the newer expansion races on the Formula One calendar, its roots actually trace back to 1966 when it was run as part of the (long since defunct) Formula Libre. It came back in 2008 as part of the Formula One World Championship, though, and its ...

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    Report: McLaren MP4-12C Fire Black SGP Edition for Singapore, priced over $1M

    Despite the fact that the design study of its all-new P1 supercar is set to debut in Paris next week, McLaren is still keeping busy selling its existing MP4-12C model. We've heard news of other special edition Macs, after seeing the one-off X-1 Concept at Pebble Beach, and now it seems that a ...

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    2011 Singapore Grand Prix proves bright lights can't replace race action [spoilers]

    What makes Formula 1 stand out above all other forms of motorsport is not the level of competition, and it's not the glitz and glamor. It's the combination of the two. The race action keeps the hardcore fans coming back, while the allure draws in new fans from all walks of life. But the two need ...

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    2010 Singapore Grand Prix lights up title fight [Spoilers]

    2010 Singapore Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The naysayers will tell you that every grand prix – especially those held on newer-generation tracks – comes out looking the same. Different scenery, same story, they'll say. But even the haters were silenced a ...

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    Race Results: F1 action lights up at the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix

    2009 Singapore Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the Formula One circus headed toward its only night race of the season in Singapore, several compelling storylines were developing. The championship-leading Brawn GP team seemed to be righting themselves from their ...

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    BREAKING: Renault F1 placed on suspended two-year, Briatore banned indefinitely?

    The World Motor Sports Council took only 90 minutes to reach a verdict in the case of Crashgate – wherein former driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. intentionally chucked his car into the wall at last year's Singapore GP to hand the win to Renault teammate Fernando Alonso. Realizing that Renault was ...

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    BREAKING: Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds leave Renault F1

    Flavio Briatore might have wished that he had been a little kinder to client and former Renault F1 driver Nelson Piquet. After Piquet was sacked for non-performance following the Hungarian Grand Prix this year, he sought revenge by saying that Briatore and team engineering director Pat Symonds ...

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    Opening Night Jitters at Singapore GP [SPOILER ALERT]

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Singapore GP
    Opening night can be the worst time to see a new production. But it can also be the most painfully entertaining, watching all the actors trip over their toes and forget their lines with the pressure to perform bearing down and the bright ...

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    VIDEO: Singapore GP Preview

    Click above image to watch the video
    This weekend Singapore will host Formula 1's first night race, and SPEED TV has created a computerized lap of the course narrated by Mark Webber taking you through the 24 corners. Perhaps the best part of this brand new track in a brand new host country at a ...

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    First nighttime F1 race gears up

    On September 28, 2008 at 8 pm, the first Formula 1 race ever held at night will begin in Singapore. Sixty-eight miles of power cable will provide juice to 1,500 light projectors mounted on 240 pylons around the track. What does that mean? It means three billion watts of power -- about four times ...


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