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    Followup: Disgraced Chinese supplier claims it has been wronged by Aston Martin

    In what could be called a case of carma, the Chinese plastic supplier that forced Aston Martin to recall about 75 percent of its production since 2007 now says that it has lost about most of its customers and is facing financial ruin. Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co. produced the accelerator pedal ...

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    Report: Canadian researcher working on making car plastics from mad cow parts?

    A researcher with the University of Alberta may have found a way to keep cattle waste products out of landfills. David Bressler, an associate professor with the institution's Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science began working to find uses for beef parts contaminated with mad ...

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    Ford's Mulally: "We cannot make a business case" for composites

    There's been plenty of talk about carmakers moving to lighter materials like carbon fiber to reduce weight, improve fuel economy and enhance the driving experience. Two years ago, Honda and Nissan formed a consortium to research the mass-market implementation of carbon fiber. Last year, BMW ...

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    Automakers using more plastic to reduce weight and emissions

    Plastics make things possible, or so say the major plastic manufacturing companies in their ads. It turns out that there's some truth to the tagline, as automakers are increasing the amount of plastic parts in vehicles in an attempt to reduce weight and emissions. While many consider steel to be ...

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    Put that in your pipe and smoke it - Fords made of hemp?

    a 1941 Ford with organic plastic body panelsOkay, let's get the spliff jokes out of the way - there's lots of stuff made from hemp, and it won't get you high. It would be nice to swap plastic off-gassing for an entirely more pleasant type of new car smell, though. Don't get your hopes up for a Ford ...

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    Fantastic plastic sparks freaky future designs

    Here at Autoblog we are flat-out fascinated by concept cars, the wilder the better. The design shown above is one of the award winners in the Royal College of Art's recent "PLASTicon" project, sponsored by GE Plastics (the creators of lexan and other wonder materials).As you might expect, the ...


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