The video above is Wolfgang Durheimer, Porsche's chief engineer, talking about the Lohner Porsche at the 2007 LA Auto Show. The Lohner was invented and patented by Porsche's founder Ferdinand Porsche in 1899, when Ferdinand was just 23, and included in-hub electric motors on all four wheels. The Lohner was the first four wheel drive vehicle, included a battery-charging gas motor as a range extender and when Porsche released their first hybrid in 1901, they gave it a name that translates to "lasts forever."

Below the fold is CNET's look at Hyundai's QarmaQ concept which is made from 900 recycled plastic bottles. CNET's editor-at-large, Brian Cooley, lists the many advantages of a plastic car over on made from metal: safer for pedestrians in an accident, better shapes and lighter weight. SABIC Innovative Plastics, formally GE Plastics, says they are in talks with carmakers; plastic panels may be just a few years away.

[Source: YouTube]

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