Think it's hot where you are? It may very well be, but in the Mediterranean region it's probably even hotter. Record temperatures in Italy reportedly killed 140 retirees in the first ten days of July alone. In Cyprus, locals have been seen wearing oven mitts to grip steering wheels that are otherwise too hot to handle. Temperatures in the region have been topping 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It was 'only' 98 degrees where this video was shot, but as you can see for yourself, that was still enough to melt parts off of a car.

The video was captured by John Westbrook while on vacation with his family in Caorle. The small town of about 12,000 inhabitants is located in northern Italy on the Adriatic coast, in between Venice and the Slovenian border. The taxi driver from Folkestone in Kent, England, was walking by this blue, second-generation Renault Megane parked near the beach when he saw (and captured on video) plastic pieces literally dripping off of the French wagon – including side moldings, bumpers, mirror housings, and window frames.

"Even bits of the bumper were melted and the wing mirrors were starting to buckle," Westbrook told British newspaper the Daily Express. "I guess the moral of the story is don't trust French cars." Either that, or be sure to park your car in the shade... and drink plenty of water.

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