City of Akron partners with Greenstar Recycling, Vadxx Energy to convert used plastics to oil

Greenstar Recycling is partnering with the City of Akron to increase recycling in Ohio's fifth largest metropolitan area. Greenstar says it will construct a "state-of-the-art" recycling facility within the corporate limits of Akron.

A city with a recycling facility is usually not worthy of mention on AutoblogGreen, but Akron's site will include innovative technology that converts used recovered plastic into synthetic crude oil. This plastic-to-oil process will be conducted by Cleveland-based Vadxx Energy. Vadxx says that all of the used plastic that enters the Akron site will exit as a domestic fuel.

Jim Garrett, Vadxx chief executive officer, claims his firm mastered the plastic-to-oil process and figured out how to produce the "lowest sulfur content crude oil in the world, from a commodity that might otherwise occupy space in landfills." We think that's at least worthy of a little recognition.
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Akron and Greenstar Form New Partnership

City of Akron Partners with Greenstar Recycling to Increase Local Recycling
New Recycling Facility will Include Vadxx Plastics to Energy Capability

AKRON, OH (August 15, 2011) Greenstar Recycling is partnering with the City of Akron to increase recycling in the local Ohio community. Greenstar will construct a state of the art, single stream recycling processing facility within the corporate limits of Akron that will serve as a hub for recycling and recovery activities in the area.

Mayor Don Plusquellic said "The facility will contribute to the growth and sustainability of Akron by returning an existing building to a manufacturing purpose with significant investment for equipment, building use and creation of new green jobs."

"We are committed to our partnership with the City of Akron to further develop its local recycling services," said Matt Delnick, Greenstar CEO. "This facility will allow Akron to continue to offer its businesses and residents the convenience of single stream recycling - eliminating the need to pre-sort recyclables - while growing its local economy with new investment and a minimum of 45 new green jobs."

The recycling facility will include an innovative processing technology that will convert recovered plastic into synthetic crude oil. These services will be provided by local company Vadxx Energy, LLC through a joint venture with Greenstar. The companies will work together with the City of Akron to provide a domestic fuel and benefit the environment by repurposing recovered plastic products. This project will provide additional jobs and visitors to Akron while supporting an existing, local business.

"We are proud to provide this innovative, domestic energy alternative right here in our home community of Akron. Plastics are made from oil, and Vadxx has figured out how to create the lowest sulfur content crude oil in the world, from a commodity that might otherwise occupy space in landfills," stated Jim Garrett , Vadxx CEO. "We are thrilled to partner with Greenstar, one of the top recyclers in the U.S., and the City of Akron to continue to improve our local environmental services."

The agreement will allow other communities in the area to participate in these expanded recycling services under the same terms and conditions as the City of Akron.

"This new recycling facility will bolster the local, green Infrastructure of Akron and its surrounding communities. Recycling is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts and we are pleased to announce this significant investment in the local community," said Rick Merolla, Akron's Public Service Director. In addition, Merolla said, "this new facility is consistent with the City's Greenprint for sustainability, launched in 2008."


Greenstar is one of America's recycling leaders providing sustainable recycling solutions in the recycle processing, commodity upgrading, managed services and commodity trading sectors of the solid waste market. Greenstar launched its North American operations in 2007 and has grown quickly to become one of the largest recycling companies in America. The company handles two million tons of recyclables per year, servicing over 12 million customers through a network of 14 processing facilities with over 10,000 managed services locations.

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Vadxx has developed proprietary processes that transform discarded petroleum based products, including plastics, tires, other polymer-based products and oils, into synthetic crude oil and natural gas. The oil is sold through an energy marketer who sells the crude to oil refiners to produce gasoline and other products. The gas is utilized to generate electricity. Vadxx operates a crude oil production demonstration plant at its Akron, OH facility.

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