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    Featured: Kelley Blue Book has a new look

    A Kleenex, a Band-Aid, a Thermos. Sometimes, one product in a segment becomes so ubiquitous that it becomes a brand-name ambassador for the entire genre. Say "pass me a Kleenex" and you will receive a tissue, regardless of what the side of the box it's plucked from reads. If you need a Band-Aid, ...

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    KBB Best Resale Value awards announced, Subaru and BMW named best brands

    Well, color us embarrassed. Never you mind the earlier post we ran about last year's Kelly Blue Book resale value awards. As it turns out, KBB very wisely hands out those nods for the upcoming model year based on their projected resale values five years from now. For 2011, Subaru walked away with ...

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    KBB: Ford most considered car brand, Hyundai makes big jump

    Hyundai was one of just a few companies to come through the automotive meltdown of 2009 relatively unscathed. The Korean automaker managed to keep sales up while others faltered thanks to a quality, inexpensive product lineup backed with a stout warranty. Now it looks like those very factors are ...

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    Video: KBB, KTLA get amusing parking tickets on live broadcast

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Kelley Blue Book ace and Autoblog pal James Bell and his team brought a slew of vehicles to Santa Monica, California for some analysis on KTLA channel five's morning show. The aim was to showcase 10 great road trip vehicles, but instead, one of the ...

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    Book Value: KBB lists Top 10 under $18k for 2008

    While it may seem that the coolest cars are only available to those with means, the industry continues to compete most heavily in their largest volume segments. The result is that there is a wealth of "cool cars" available for less than $18,000, and Kelly Blue Book has compiled a list of their top ...

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    Harris poll ranks the top "buzz-worthy" vehicles from 2005

    Of the vehicles released in 2005, the Chevrolet Cobalt generated the most "buzz" among Generation Y buyers, with the Hummer H3 attracting the most attention from grunge-era Gen Xers. Baby-boomers flocked to Dodge's retro-esque Charger, and the grey-haired set went bonkers for the Ford Five ...


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