Toyota, Honda models the most-researched vehicles in Kelley Blue Book so far for 2006

In the first half of 2006, cars made by Toyota and Honda were the most-searched-for vehicles on the Kelley Blue Book website, KBB announced today. Here is the list of the top ten most-searched-for vehicles, and to see what kind of mileage the cars consumers have been looking for get, I've included the EPA's combined mileage rating for each of the vehicles. Since mileage varies depending on a lot of factors, I compared only 2006 models and then, whenever presented with a choice not defined by KBB [transmission type, for example] I chose the top option as listed on I know that consumers care about more than good gas mileage when they're researching buying a vehicle, but if there was ever a time when gas prices affect car-buying choices, it is now, and I think these ratings reflect that.
1. Honda Civic – 34 mpg
2. Honda Accord – 28 mpg
3. Toyota Camry – 28 mpg
4. Toyota Corolla – 33 mpg
5. Toyota RAV4 – 26 mpg
6. Honda Odyssey – 21 mpg
7. Honda Pilot – 20 mpg
8. Toyota Highlander – 24 mpg
9. Chevrolet Tahoe – 17 mpg
10. Honda CR-V – 25 mpg

[Source: KBB, EPA]

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