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Kelley Blue Book
ace and Autoblog pal James Bell and his team brought a slew of vehicles to Santa Monica, California for some analysis on KTLA channel five's morning show. The aim was to showcase 10 great road trip vehicles, but instead, one of the nation's largest local TV audiences received a lesson in parking law from a particularly dedicated meter maid.

While Bell and KTLA reported Gayle Anderson were live on the air, the Santa Monica parking enforcement began rifling off $50 tickets for each vehicle on display. In the footage, Anderson asserts live on air that the parking spots have been paid for, adding that she has receipts, but that's apparently not enough to stop Santa Monica's finest from making with the carbon copies. Bell's comment? "If we can afford the Porsche (Panamera), you can afford the ticket." Unless, of course, that Porsche is a press car. Pretty funny stuff. Hit the jump to watch first-hand video of KBB and KTLA's amusing $500 parking faux pas.

[Source: KTLA via YouTube]

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