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    Official: Goodyear launches massive new blimp, needs your help naming it [w/videos]

    Goodyear has announced that it has completed construction on an all-new blimp, and it's asking for your help in naming the thing. The new airship is more technologically advanced than any of the company's three blimps in current operation, as well as being larger, faster and more maneuverable. ...

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    Report: Workers at closing French Goodyear plant take bosses captive, release them after police pressure

    Workers at a Goodyear tire factory in Amiens, France that is slated to close took the whole concept of peaceful protest a bit too far, holding a pair of executives hostage and demanding "enormous amounts of money," according to a report from The Guardian. The two men were held for two days but ...

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    Motorsports: New NASCAR tire tech to debut in Atlanta this weekend

    Aside from the antics of the Busch brothers and Tony Stewart's uncensored comments, some of the biggest controversies in NASCAR are directed at the tires used on the cars. Goodyear can't do anything about Kurt, Kyle or Tony, but it is looking improve the quality of its rubber by introducing a new ...

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    Report: Goodyear replacing fleet of blimps with zeppelins

    Say goodbye to the old fleet of Goodyear blimps and hello to the new fleet, which has started construction – only this time the "blimps" are actually zeppelins, or semi-rigid airships with framework (aluminum and carbon fiber in this case) to support their structure, engines and gas-filled ...

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    Official: Goodyear unveils self-inflating tires for big trucks

    Goodyear has developed a new self-inflating tire for commercial vehicles. The Air Maintenance Technology system uses an internal pressure regulator to determine when the tire is low. When pressure falls below a certain parameter, the regulator opens to allow air into a pumping tube. Here's the ...

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    Video: Goodyear uses the old "surprise gymkhana road test with stunt driver" routine

    It's a familiar tactic: if you want a customer to know what a car can do, you've got to get them in it and take them for a ride. To truly impress a customer, though, you've got to take them, *ahem,* for a ride. It works so well that NASCAR driver Carl Edwards recently did it with Ford engineers ...

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    Official: GM, Ford place in top 10 on 2012 Fortune 500 list

    If you're a blue-blooded American capitalist, there's nothing better than leading your company to the top of the Fortune 500 – except for making billions of dollars in profits, that is. But thankfully those two objectives tend to go hand-in-hand, as proven by these two men. Indeed, General ...

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    Official: Goodyear develops new 'Spring Tire' for space exploration

    Goodyear is getting closer to the next generation "tire" that could be used on wheeled rovers for space exploration. We highlight the word tire because those on the original lunar rover were made of piano wire with treads made of titanium cleats – no rubber, no air. A few years ago NASA ...

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    Recalls: Goodyear recalls 41,000 tires for potential tread separation

    Goodyear is recalling 40,914 Wrangler Silent Armor tires manufactured in 2009. According to the manufacturer, the tread may separate from the rest of the tire under "severe conditions," which could lead to vehicle damage or an accident. The company says that it first recognized an issue with the ...

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    Video: Is this the most sexist ad of all time?

    When there's a woman at the wheel... Say what you will about political correctness, women's rights, stereotypes and preconceived ideas. None of that matters. What's really important are the tires you choose to mount on your car. Not that Goodyear was the only company so long ago capitalizing on ...

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    Video: Goodyear "Spirit of Safety" blimp crash claims pilot's life in Germany [UPDATE]

    The Goodyear blimp "Spirit of Safety" erupted into flames and crashed on Sunday, claiming the life of pilot Michael Nerandzic. According to reports, the vessel began emitting fuel fumes as it came in to land at the Reichelsheim aerodome outside of Friedberg, Germany. Nerandzic ordered his three ...

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    Rubber shortage triggering costlier tires?

    According to the man who runs the world's largest producer of natural rubber, demand for the gummy stuff will exceed supply for "at least another two years." The drop in production is said to be due to both droughts and heavy rains, but the result for you is an increase in the price of tires: both ...

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    Goodyear rolling out multicolor NASCAR tires to support our troops

    Goodyear Support Our Troop NASCAR tires – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's the Fourth of July weekend, kids. Emergency rooms all across the country are preparing for a myriad of alcohol, barbecue and fireworks related injuries, and coolers everywhere are stocked with the least ...

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    Goodyear posts loss, laying off 5,000 workers

    When car sales dip like they have over the past few months, in many cases suppliers feel the pinch even more than the automakers. That's the case at Goodyear, where production is down by 19% and losses are beginning to pile up. The tire giant lost $330 million in Q4 2008, compared to a $55M profit ...

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    VIDEO: Goodyear Polyglas - Because so much chauvinism is riding on your tires

    Click above to jump to the 1970's video
    Let's face it: Driving can be a scary ordeal. Particularly at night, in the city, with construction detours and spooky lights... when you're a Seventies housewife! At least, that's what Goodyear had to say in this commercial, aired during the first Monday ...

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    Above the Autoblog Garage: The Goodyear Blimp

    Click above for a high-res gallery. With excursions in light aircraft, aerobatic planes, commercial jets, and helicopters already under our belt, we jumped on Goodyear's invite to take a flight in one of its three blimps stationed (or should we say tethered) in North America. The world's largest ...

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    Look at those shoes: Goodyear picked for standard Flex fitment

    They're not very glamorous, but tires make or break our driving enjoyment. Ford wants to soothe drivers of its new Family Truckster Flex, so Goodyear's Assurance ComforTred tires have been specified as the original fitment for the big crossover. The Assurance ComforTred uses a special cushion layer ...

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    Goodyear responds to Tony Stewart tongue lashing

    Following this past weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup second place finish, Tony Stewart was not a happy camper. When interviewed after the race, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver sounded off on his great dislike for the series tire sponsor, Goodyear. Many other competitors, from the likes of Dale Earnhart Jr. ...

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    Out of This World: Goodyear and NASA collaborate on airless tire

    click above image for more views of the NASA Chariot rover Any good article about space exploration starts with "when I was a kid...". So, when I was a kid, my older brother was working on his college thesis. He cooperated with NASA on designing various devices for use in space, the basic premise ...

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    Goodyear racing chief inducted into Hall of Fame

    American motor racing icon Leo Mehl has been inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, which finally honors Mehl with due recognition for his contribution to motor racing in America and around the world. Leo Mehl is known primarily for his role as head of Goodyear's competition ...


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