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earth day

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    Official: Nissan Leaf all-electric taxis start pilot program in NYC [w/video]

    When New York City picked the Nissan NV200 as its Taxi of Tomorrow, many were surprised that the vehicle wasn't electric, or even a hybrid for that matter. With NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on hand, Nissan celebrated Earth Day on Monday by unveiling a pilot program of electric taxis for the city ...

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    Toyota Plug-In Prius reservations start on Earth Day (sorry, Hawaii)

    If the idea of getting around 83 or 87 miles per gallon in a plug-in Toyota Prius suits your fancy, then get ready to give Toyota your pertinent details on Earth Day. That's this Friday, April 22nd, by the way, and Toyota announced it will use the event to open up a "Priority Registration Web ...

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    VIDEO: Jones Soda Co. celebrates Earth Day with bicycles and car batteries

    Click above to watch the video
    Think your company did something worthwhile on Earth Day? If so, that's great, but it probably didn't require quite the level of commitment that was shown by Jones Soda employees at the beverage company's headquarters. There, staffers took turns spinning themselves ...

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    NHTSA announces new CAFE standards through 2015

    Last December, President Bush signed a new energy bill into law that requires automakers to achieve a Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard of 35 mpg by 2020. This historic stiffening of CAFE standards set a lofty goal, but left plenty of time to get there and new standards of any kind won't ...

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    First round of CAFE targets to be announced on Earth Day

    The Bush camp hasn't exactly been extolled for its green virtue over the past seven years, but the administration is trying to make up for lost time by announcing 2011-2015 CAFE targets on Earth Day. Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is scheduled to announce the targets, which are ...

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    MTV to pimp out a '65 Impala with 800hp biodiesel for Earth Day

    var digg_url = ''; Next week on MTV, it's a "Very Special Edition" of Pimp My Ride. In honor of Earth Day coming on April 22, the crew of the popular MTV show that proves on a regular basis that having ...

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    General Motors observes Earth Day 2006

    The world's largest automotive company is celebrating Earth Day with a barrage of activities across the U.S.GM actually started at the beginning of the year with its "Live Green Go Yellow" campaign to promote the biofuel E85. Now the various brands have launched their own activities. ...

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    Tokyo is cooking with oil for Earth Day

    "We want your vegetable oil."That is what organizers for Earth Day Tokyo 2006 are asking volunteers, for which they'll pay a small amount. The organizers will then create biodiesel from the oil and use the resulting fuel to power the lighting, televisions, speakers, and other ...

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    Earth Day, every day: Autoblog announces eco-friendly spinoff, AutoblogGreen

    As the song goes, "Blues had a baby, and the called it rock n' roll." Well, Autoblog has just birthed its first spinoff, and we're calling it AutoblogGreen. With gas prices surging and more interest in alternative fuel vehicles and their attendant lifestyles than at any time in ...

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    Nissan Altima Hybrid? Only if you live in one of eight states

    Nissan's first hybrid, the forthcoming 2007 Altima HEV will only be sold in eight states. To put a geographical point on it, the Japanese automaker will sell the eco-friendly sedan in the Northeast and California:  New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and New ...

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    Honda to build diesels in the UK

    In order to support high demand for diesel vehicles in Europe, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has announced that it will start building oil-burning engines at its plant in Britain. Currently, its UK plant gets diesel powerplants from Japan, and will initially get the parts for the engines from Japan. ...

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    Transcontinental with a little help from Daryl Hannah, cow patties and corn whiskey

    Cable network Outdoor Life Network (OLN) is set to debut a 13-part television series featuring actress Daryl Hannah, a modified Chevrolet S-10, hemp oil, and an AstroTurf-covered 1982 Volkswagen Jetta that runs on bio diesel. Coolfuel: Roadtrip charts the journey of Australian Shaun Murphy (and ...

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    Washington state signs ethanol requirement

    Last month, Washington became the fourth state to join the growing ethanol wave. Governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill, which states that two percent of the state's diesel and gasoline must come from biodiesel or ethanol by the end of 2008. Other parts of the bill require ...

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    Poll shows over fifty percent of America interested in hybrids

    Gallup conducted a poll last month checking the pulse of automotive consumers, and how their buying attitudes are changing in light of America's increasing gas prices. According to the poll, fully 57 percent of the 1001 responders now state that they would consider purchasing a hybrid as ...

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    New York Auto Show: Honda to NY Civic buyers: "Phill 'er up!"

    Honda announced today that it is bringing to market a compressed natural gas (CNG) motivated Civic GX to New York buyers this fall. According to the automaker, the GX will put out 'near zero emissions,' giving owners access to tax credits and home refuelling via an optional Phill home refueling ...

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    Saab's BioPower 9-3 hybrid secretly a plug-in?

    The fine folks at Aftonbladet and may have stumbled on more than an interesting detail regarding the Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept shown at the Stockholm Autoshow. The Swedish prototype has been touted as the first hybrid to return nearly zero fossil fuel emissions, but ...

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    Third-gen Prius to flirt with 100 mpg?

    According to AutoExpress UK, Toyota is set to go for the green-veined jugular with its next Prius. The automaker's next hybrid will reportedly net a scarcely-believable 94 mpg (113mpg in imperial gallons). The figure comes about as the company has reportedly set a fuel economy bogey of ...

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    UK green cab service expands Prius coverage

    UK Minicab firm greentomotacars has started a pilot program to expand into the West London area with its Prius fleet. The service, which currently uses five of the well-known hybrids, plans to increase its numbers to fifty when they extend service across all of London by the end of June. Even ...

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    'Skipee', the eco-friendly trike concept from Down Under

    BusinessWeek Magazine recently weighed in on 'Skipee', the three-wheeler concept seen here, designed by Australian Dimitrios Scoutas. As an environmentally friendly proposition, Scoutas envisions his curious trike as an alternative form of transportation produced primarily from recycled ...

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    Is your next tank of gas foam?

    As previously posted, the automobile is the number one recycled product in the U.S. Most of the recycled materials are re-used for different purposes, like floormats being turned into sound-deadening materials.But how about fuel? In a new study, Changing World Technologies, Inc. used a process ...


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