As the song goes, "Blues had a baby, and the called it rock n' roll." Well, Autoblog has just birthed its first spinoff, and we're calling it AutoblogGreen.

With gas prices surging and more interest in alternative fuel vehicles and their attendant lifestyles than at any time in recent memory, the time couldn't be better for the Weblogs Inc. network to launch a new site to provide a home for the burgeoning movement, and that's what ABG is all about. In the words of lead blogger Sebastian Blanco, "AutoblogGreen is not just about autos themselves, but also about the environments in which they're driven."

We've already assembled a crack team of contributors to the site, with the aforementioned Blanco at the helm. A seasoned journalist specializing in matters automobiles and environmental, he brings experience and good judgment to the effort. Aiding and abetting him will be the one-and-only Bruno Vanzieleghem, who is the ABG equivalent of Autoblog's own Eric Bryant--  he's a gifted engineer in the automotive supplier realm, albeit with an emphasis on developing eco-friendly technologies.  The two gentlemen will be in good company, as they'll be accompanied by the boundless energy and optimism of self-described 'neo hippy' Cheryl Morrissette, who will imbue her writings with spirit and first-hand knowledge that only a life long 'Green' can offer. And in a chance meeting that can only be described as 'fate,' fellow Autoblog co-lead John Neff was able to use his powers of persuasion to woo green activist/entrepreneur/author Ray Holan, founder of Biodiesel Cleveland, an Ohio-based business preaching the gospel of the alternative fuel. Oh, and he just put the finishing touches on his book, Sliding Home: A Complete Guide to Driving Your Diesel on Straight Vegetable Oil.

As you can see, AutoblogGreen is in more than capable hands, and will be a fine compliment to your daily surf here at Autoblog. For those worried about such things, the advent of ABG does not mean that AB will be handing off all automotive stories of ecological import to its new sister-site. It simply means that so-inclined readers will have another, more focused resource and outlet to frequent.

If you're willing to pardon our dust pollen, stop over at AutoblogGreen and have a look around. Kick off your sandals and stay a while, if you like. After all, today is Earth Day.



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