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But there's still money to be made by tech companies in the automotive world.

Tech companies are getting realistic about the automotive segment.


This past year was filled with a lot of big claims but few details.


The technology was never implemented.

Apple has a patent on technology that would lock down a phone while a user is driving. The lawsuit claims that failure to implement the tech makes Apple culpable in the victim's death.


Even if your car isn't on the list of vehicles that support CarPlay, you may have options.


A letter to NHTSA shows its interest in testing autonomous car technology.

Apple sent a letter to NHTSA acknowledging that it is "excited" about automation in numerous fields, "including transportation."


Ron Dennis’s ouster might have something to do with a takeover bid, too.

No bid, but there were talks.


A car didn’t work out, so Apple’s heading North to build its own system.

Apple's grabbing software engineers in the North from QNX.


Project Titan faces a 2017 deadline, or else.


Another milestone on the autonomous road.


If you thought McLaren seemed like an unlikely partner, get a load of this.

Get your salt shakers ready, because we've got another Apple car rumor today.


But will Apple's recent automotive reboot stall the project?

Forget about making its own car, Apple's looking to go straight into the supercar segment.


Maybe it's not so easy to design and build a new automobile after all...


With an open space in the middle, there would be no need for a cooling system.

Is it real? Who knows, but maybe.


Let's not jump to conclusions, this is one component for a specialty vehicle for the military.


Dan Dodge comes from BlackBerry's QNX automotive software arm.


Bob Mansfield has been with Apple since 1999.

Apple is one step closer to having its own car.


Project Titan is reportedly delayed a year, though the plan is still shrouded in secrecy.


Didi, the Chinese ride-hailing service, is worth more than 1.5 times the 2015 NASA budget.


Apple doubles down on its mapping services by hiring Sinisa Durekovic, the man behind the Harman navigation system used by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.


There are apparently discussions happening. Quietly.

Apple is talking to electric vehicle charging companies about their technology, perhaps hinting once again that there's something to the Project Titan rumors.


Apple continues to dip its toes in the water of the transportation world. In this case, a toe is one billion dollars and the pool is Chinese ride-hailing.

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