Nissan Quest

A Minivan-Shaped SUV Minus The Ground Clearance The last-gen Nissan Quest minivan was an oddball. It had good power, handled quite well, and was unconventional-looking. The thing is, unconventional isn't necessarily the best thing for a vehicle as mainstream as a minivan. Nissan pulled the…

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2015 Nissan Quest
MSRP: $26,530 - $43,180
2014 Nissan Quest
MSRP: $26,220 - $42,870
2013 Nissan Quest
MSRP: $25,990 - $42,640
2012 Nissan Quest
MSRP: $25,990 - $42,350
2011 Nissan Quest
MSRP: $27,750 - $41,350
Seven great minivans that may be your perfect family car

Are you dismissive of minivans? These days, more and more people are choosing to buy crossovers and SUVs instead of the more family-friendly minivan. If a utility vehicle is the best choice for you, that's great! But don't be too quick to write off the seven minivans on this list
Nissan alters all CVTs to act less like a stretched rubberband

Among automotive enthusiasts, no one seems to hold a neutral opinion when it comes to continuously variable transmissions. CVTs are either praised for their ability to boost fuel economy or chided for their occasionally poor driving dynamics. Nissan is among the masters of these un-shifting gearboxes in the US, and it uses them in many vehicles in its lineup. However, for the 2015 model year, several models are getting a software update to make their CVTs a bit more like a conventional automatic
Nissan Quest under investigation for inaccurate fuel gauges

After receiving 12 complaints in the last 14 months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun a preliminary investigation into a fuel gauge issue with the 2007 Nissan Quest. Drivers have reported that the fuel level gauge will show there's gas in the tank when there actually isn't – in two cases, the digital distance-to-empty gauge indicated more than 70 miles of remaining range – and it will stall out.

For Sale

2005 Nissan Quest
$4,993 / unknown miles / VA
2013 Nissan Quest
$26,998 / 33,268 miles / VA
2008 Nissan Quest
$9,995 / 75,581 miles / PA
"There is a feeling of solidity and fluidity to the vehicle utterly absent in the smaller Ford-built Quest that preceded it.
Brown's Sterling Nissan
45125 Towlern Pl Sterling, 20166 3.0 miles
Brown's Sterling Nissan
45155 Towlern Pl Sterling, 20166 3.0 miles
Nissan Motor Corp
45190 Prologis Plz Sterling, 20166 4.0 miles