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Stealing an old man's plane is no way to run a town, New York.


A young Texan is in serious trouble today after he led South Carolina deputies on a destructive, high-speed chase last week.


Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?


Man, Vince and Larry got old!

After more than 40 years, researchers are designing new crash test dummies to reflect the fact that Americans are getting older and heavier.


A man in Houston, Texas, is out his sweet new Lexus after the small-time repair shop he took it to just up and disappeared along with his car last month.


If you've always wanted your picture with a Stormtrooper, today is your lucky day.


Truckers are witness to an endless stream of foolish, reckless, and dangerous road behavior. Despite this daily exposure to road-related idiocy, a trucker in Canada was shocked to see a cyclist dart across a busy freeway near Toronto on Monday.


Sometimes you have to go medieval on your car.


A Texas man is in some serious trouble today after lashing his son to himself with a dog leash then driving down a Houston freeway on a riding mower last Sunday.


Johnny Cab meets the Spinner.

Don't look for a production version anytime soon.


Indiana Jones wanted for questioning.

A woman was driving through the parking lot of a New Jersey Target last week when one of the spherical red bollards that guard the store's doors rolled into the parking lot and smashed into her Nissan.


And this isn't the first time theives have pulled off this sort of heist.

The Great Jaguar Land Rover Engine Heist!


In an effort to curb a road rage incident and protect his young family, a man in Ocala, FL, backed his lifted F-150 up on to the hood of a Toyota Camry.


Surprise, surprise.

He's not a smart criminal


It even gives you an Uber code if you're too drunk to drive.


Collectors need to stop searching barns and start looking inside old apartments.

The car was literally stored away inside a one-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood.


This isn't the first time this has happened.


New information has come to light about the nature of this convoy.


The sound of the game that consumed much of our youth is back.

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