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Using DealerCONNECT, thieves reprogrammed each stolen vehicle's security codes.

After entering the vehicle identification number, hackers used FCA's DealerCONNECT to reprogram the cars' security systems to accept generic keys.


Can he turn Google's autonomous vehicle technology into a robotic ride-for-hire service?


Software developer nuTonomy beats Uber to market with self-driving taxi rides in Singapore. A 124 Coupe could soon join Fiat's roadster lineup, and we have the latest spy shots of the new Corvette ZR!. Senior Editor Greg Migliore reports on this edition of Autoblog Mintue.


This camera shows potential, but we won't have the full details until this fall.


More power, more gears. What's not to love?

Plus the revised V6 gets some hand-me-down tech from Cadillac.


Technology may be improving, but motor vehicle fatalities are increasing.


World’s first autonomous taxis debut in Singapore.

This Cambridge, MA, company is offering rides in Renaults and Mitsubishis.


Autoblog's UPSHIFT 2016 conference happens on October 6th in Detroit.


Does it really matter?

There doesn't seem to be any new hardware associated with Autopilot 2.0.


Tesla skeptical of V2G; eNow provides solar auxiliary power to trucks.

Watch the Model S outpace muscle cars. This Model X owner wants his family "back in a Tesla" after crash. V2G isn't for Tesla. Solar saves fuel for delivery fleets.

Sometimes, the quest for greater minivan practicality leads to some pretty innovative features. Here are five of the best for 2016.


It would one-up Ford and GM’s 10-speed auto.

More is always better, right?


Alexa can tell you the news, and now it can set the climate control in your Genesis.


Uber drivers must take a two-hour, $260 exam.

Uber calls its legal actions against Transport for London "very much a last resort," as it attempts to get new rules governing testing for private hire car licenses rescinded.


Quantify your driving with no monthly bill.


Tesla loses map/navigation manager, Bill Chen.

Why are these Tesla's flashing their lights? Tesla loses maps specialist for unknown reasons. Faraday Future hires navigation specialist from Apple.


Hyperloop One eyes the wealthy city in the UAE for growth.


LeEco's EV factory near the Chinese city of Huzhou would pump out 400,000 EVs per year.


Variable compression ratio explained. Or, why we're excited about the next QX50.

It's the biggest new thing since VTEC, yo.


New battery could push range to 380 miles for Model S.

The 'P100D' really does exist.

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