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Uber suspended its self-driving car testing in Arizona and its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania operations while it investigates a crash that took place in Tempe.

We still don't know how much these solar shingles will cost.

The companies have been working together since 2011.

The patents are related to vehicle connectivity.

Now you're cooking with science.

Uber's president and another critical exec are leaving, for different reasons.

US headquarters of Faraday Future's Chinese backer may be in doubt.

This $260 million injection of cash couldn't come at a better time.

Vehicle manufacturers are working hard to reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates on cars.

The autoparts maker is sticking with its own solution days after Intel buys MobilEye.

The cocoon-like concept features a "digital companion."

Just how close is it to the FF91?

MobilEye is one of the largest players in autonomous driving.

They are working on autonomous technology any automaker could use off the shelf.

A preliminary injunction could prohibit Uber's self-driving vehicle tests while the case is ongoing.

Don't forget about the submarines.

The trailer also features a bit of questionable product placement.

Local regulators trying to keep an eye on Uber in their town should still be wary.

Vehicle hacking has been around for years.

Wherever there are computers, there are hackers.

The feature will be standard on cars in the US and Canada.

All the data you want for just $20 a month.

That classic red-orange BMW hue is there for a reason, but so is every other color.

And don't bother bringing your CDs in an EcoSport

Using a Slingbox, you'll be able to watch your TV on your phone, computer, and SUV.

More downforce and more speed mean more excitement. Hopefully.

A new rulebook for Formula 1 in 2017 has led to completely new designs from every constructor taking part in the sport. Here's a look at all of them.

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