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Autoliv, a rival airbag supplier, reported concerns over Takata's airbag inflator design.

One Autoliv engineer said a Takata airbag inflator "turned into shrapnel" when tested.


Hogging the left lane irritates other drivers, causes traffic jams, and increases accidents.

Because the left lane is for passing, duh.


The proposed speed limit could save over $1 billion in fuel each year.


Toyota donates toward sustainable Yellowstone Youth Campus; SF asks for subway ideas.

Tesla updates Model X door safety. Karma's Irvine HQ will also have a store. San Francisco wants users to help design subway expansion. Toyota sure loves Yellowstone.


Technology may be improving, but motor vehicle fatalities are increasing.


The mother thinks her son was perfectly safe.


Some will try to stop you altogether, some will just try to make the best of a bad situation.


A Virginia woman mistook a standard new car test drive for a demolition derby when she destroyed six brand new Benzes, including the one she was driving, in a dealership parking lot.


A runaway driver's escape took a turn for the worse on a newly built roundabout.


Tesla skeptical of V2G; eNow provides solar auxiliary power to trucks.

Watch the Model S outpace muscle cars. This Model X owner wants his family "back in a Tesla" after crash. V2G isn't for Tesla. Solar saves fuel for delivery fleets.


Tesla offers inventory alternatives to custom orders; Samsung eyes auto industry entry.

Tesla Model X doors get safer through over-the-air update. The Model 3 will have plenty of room. Tesla wants to offer you an existing vehicle. Could Samsung build an EV?


Tragedy narrowly avoided in run up to the bar.


Two dogs are alive and looking for loving homes thanks to a pair of bystanders who refused to stand idly by while the pups sweltered in a dangerously hot car in Metro Detroit over the weekend.


Models going back to 1995 can be unlocked by theives.

The signal from a key fob can be intercepted and retransmitted to unlock a vehicle.


The 9HP transmission can unexpectedly shift into neutral.

ZF's 9HP transmission can be found in a number of makes and models, though currently only FCA is issuing a recall.


Driving while tired can be as dangerous as driving while drunk.


Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?


Rage, rage against the buckling of the belt.

A reporter on Fox 29 Philadelphia couldn't keep a straight face after a toddler put up an epic fuss during a live segment on child car seats last week.


Does this example prove that Autopilot saves lives?

Tesla says Autopilot saves lives. Does Joshua Neally's experience prove it?


More governments expected to follow suit for safer, more efficient, and better looking vehicles.

Replacing traditional mirrors with high-res video cameras offers a number of intriguing benefits.

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