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Sprint-exclusive parts along with standard Elise updates save a total of 90 pounds.

We can build it. We have the technology.

This is the successor to the fantastic 675LT.

The hardtop almost-convertible is an interesting proposition.

It weighs less and has stiffer suspension than normal Huracáns, too.

And yes, we think it looks a little like a GT-R, too.

This thing just looks plain nuts.

We can all hope for Lotus-tuned Volvo wagons.

Lotus has been owned by Proton since 1996.

A cast-aluminum backbone offers lots of intriguing possibilities.

There are some very interesting features here we hope translate to a production car.

The team includes some big-name partner companies.

The details of this carbon-fiber monster are finally coming into focus.

A rare lightweight Jaguar E-Type took the sales crown.

Total sales neared $300 million.

Apparently being featured on Top Gear and The Grand Tour couldn't save the company.

This would bring their range to a grand total of two models.

The new car would require cooperation with another automaker.

Like, uh, literally.

When you're this low to the ground, everything looks different.

You think the Miata is fun on the street? Watch this.

The result is the quickest Exige ever.

That is a not-insignificant amount of weight loss.

Roughly two months ahead of the initial delivery date.

The first one in America was delivered last week.

The engine in the latest Le Mans competitor is in front of the rear axle.

This 911 RSR isn't like other 911s.

Leno has nothing but good things to say about the icon.

One avid Ferrari collector gives Leno the opportunity of a lifetime.

Wings any way you'd like.

One's massive, while the other is more subdued.

Stunt driver previews a new spin on the Gymkhana series.

Ken Block reveals the reasoning behind the 1,400 horsepower upgrade.

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