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State legislative deadline was too short to push stricter measures through.

Automakers, the oil industry, and unions took issue with California's proposed increase in electric vehicles.


New material could mean better, cheaper fuel cells.

BYD and Daimler begin building the Denza 400 EV. Sebastien Buemi cleans up Day 1 of Formula E preseason testing. A new material makes fuel cells more temperature-flexible.


Hydrogen-station operator True Zero bills itself as the world's largest.

All these miles come from First Element's True Zero stations.


The ethanol industry needs more terminal capacity.

DOE helps fund Ford's fuel cell development. Some Massachusetts schools are getting electric buses. A new study finds challenges for ethanol storage.


Company plans H2-station deliveries to the US by end of 2016.

Based on the hydrogen capacity of a Toyota Mirai, at least.


Audi updates 2017 A3 E-Tron; Hyundai delivers Tucson Fuel Cell to Quebec.

EV fan converts boat using Tesla batteries. Audi A3 E-Tron gets refreshed for 2017; Quebec government buys a Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. China could require EV production or carbon credits.


Sumimoto to sell fuel cells through US Hybrid.

Meet MEQ. Companies see commercial trucks as H2 candidates. Tesla plans Supercharger near I-80 in Nebraska. GM is not planning autonomous taxis for 2019.


Students build fuel cell RC cars; EVTripper helps plan electric road trips.

See a video interview with FastNed's founder. EVTripping plans efficient electric travel. Tesla's site offers Model X inventory. Students work with fuel cells after school.


Maro Engel joins Venturi for 2016-2017 Formula E season.

How safe are your fingers around the Model X? Dutch students reveal their H2 supercar. Formula 3, DTM, and V8 Supercars veteran joins Venturi Formula E.


How do you solve the hydrogen production problem? Produce the hydrogen in the car.


The Winter Olympics will set the stage for the new fuel cell vehicle.

This might be what the Hyundai Intrado turns into.


We sit down for a talk with Dr. Joan Ogden after a ten-year gap.

In which wetake a long look at the development of hydrogen vehicles with someone who's been studying the field for three decades. You're bound to learn something.


The oil industry is short on labor.

Tesla is in talks to open a store in South Korea's biggest mall. Oil producers will have trouble bringing projects back online. Germany now has 21 hydrogen stations.


Hyundai expands its fuel cell program to other parts of the US.

Tesla celebrates 2.5 billion miles with Electric Road Trip. Google tests autonomous driving alongside cyclists. Hyundai, and the DOE extend their fuel cell confirmation program.


ADEPT mild hybrid system offers emissions benefits at a lower cost with a lead-carbon battery.

DriveNow enters Brussels with a 20 percent electric fleet. The DOE is funding new fuel cell and hydrogen storage projects. ADEPT mild hybrid system offers low-cost emissions and fuel savings.


BIT students build Hybrid Water Car; Facebook poaches Tesla exec.

A Vermont utility wants customers to connect their Powerwall to the grid. Nissan-Renault hits 340,000 EVs.The Hybrid Water Car electrolyzes water for hydrogen. Facebook hires Tesla VP.


Ambassador suggest the two countries can and should work together on H2.

Norwegian ambassador Jan Grevstad says that his country and South Korea could complement each other when it comes to cleaning up transportation.


JAC considers building EVs in Bulgaria.

Cal State has contracted to install 12-MWh worth of Tesla Powerpacks. JAC considers building EVs in Bulgaria. Toyota delivered Norway's first Mirai to Uno-X Hydrogen.


Ditch the gasoline engine, gain more horsepower.

Electrified performance, up to nearly 540 horsepower.


Toyota offers local governments a cut-rate deal on the fuel-cell vehicles.

Two California entities add Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicles to government fleets.


540 horsepower sounds good to us.

At the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans, the first hydrogen-powered laps ever were completed by a racing car. It was just for show, but it's the way for the future.

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