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H2-powered four-seater and van are in the works.

At the London Motor Show, Riversimple shows off images of a four-seat car and a work van, previewing its hydrogen line-up after the Rasa.


BYD buses in US transit fleetsl; Canada funding charging infrastructure.

London gets a public hydrogen fueling station. GM published its annual sustainability report. Canada funds more charging infrastructure. Transit agencies try BYD buses.


Cheaper production, greener fuel supply required for broader fuel cell sales.

Even by 2027, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will still account for fewer than one in 1,000 new cars, study says.


Ford fined by PROFEPA in Mexico.

EV fans celebrate Nikola Tesla in Croatia; Ford fined by Mexican environmental agency. Hyundai sells its first Tucson Fuel Cell in the Bay Area.


Danish teens turn abandoned bikes into vegetable gardens.

Teens in Aarhus, Denmark have turned abandoned bicycles into tiny food gardens. VW is working on the SLAM fast charging project. DLR shows off its HY4 fuel cell airplane.


It would make the 2020 Olympics look extra shiny and clean.

Toyota will reportedly broaden the Mirai lineup with a smaller, cheaper model for Japan, and it will launch in 2019 just before the Tokyo Olympics. The launch would be the perfect time to take advantage of the country's hydrogen push.


Formula E joins forces with electric truck maker Charge.

First Element launches True Zero hydrogen stations. Tesla adds 150 destination chargers in to its European network. Charge provides electric trucks to Formula E.


Honda will let you order your clarity with your alt-powertrain of choice next year.

Honda announced today that the Clarity Fuel Cell will be joined by all-electric and plug-in hybrid options next year. It's about time.


Bugcrowd secures $15M in funding; Elio's Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, MI.

Tesla's favored bug bounty platform secures $15M in funding. India is on track to meet its ethanol blending goals for the first time. CARB's Mary Nichols leads a fuel cell rally in California. Elio sets up shop in Michigan


USC study finds decreased pollution equals fewer lung problems in children.

Japan sets new goals for fuel cell vehicles. A USC study finds associations between cleaner air and healthier lungs in children. The Renault Twizy comes to Canada.


BeeZero to launch in Munich with 50 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicles.

Linde launches BeeZero carsharing program in Munich with Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cells fleet.


Riversimple hopes to earn $2.27 million in a crowdfunded investment campaign to fund its Rasa hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Later, the company plans to offer them to customers for a fixed monthly fee, rather than selling the model.


Hydrogen station in Norway to use excess solar energy from neighbor; EV batteries to reach 11 GWh of stationary storage by 2035

Spyker cars and SpykerAero to share a facility. California man enjoys eBug more than his Tesla. Second-life EV batteries to store 11 GWh by 2035. Uno-X makes hydrogen with excess electricity.


The South Korean automaker wants to be a segment leader.

Hyundai Motor Group has a lineup of 26 green vehicles on the way, and if the growth in the segment is a success, it be second place in the market by 2020.


US oil exports down since ban lifted; autonomous car development thrives on campus.

Autonomous cars thrive on campus. US oil exports are down since the ban lifted. Tesla ships cars with natural gas. The Toyota Mirai sells in Norway and Sweden this summer.


Hydrogen fuel-cell presented as the superior alt-fuel option in comic strip.

A Japanese magazine published a manga comic highlighting the benefits of the Toyota Mirai to other eco-friendly automobiles. It is, as you'd expect, very strange.


Toyota Mirai, Audi R8, and BMW 7 Series also honored.

The five winners of the 2016 World Car of the Year winners include the Mazda MX-5 Miata (a double winner) Toyota Mirai, Audi R8, and BMW 7 Series.


Japan's deployment of fuel-cell stations won't multiply quite as fast.

Japan shoots for 40,000 fuel-cell cars on its road by 2020, 800,000 by 2030


But, lower-income buyers will soon get an extra $1,500.

Low- to moderate-income EV buyers get an extra $1,500 in rebates, while rebates cease to exist for the highest-income earners.


Hyundai delivers Ontario's first Tucson Fuel Cell; Toyota partners on H2 supply chain.

BMW shares Vision Next 100 video. Nissan has a trick to top off batteries. First Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell delivered in Ontario. Toyota tests hydrogen supply chain in Japan.


The hydrogen car will arrive in US later in 2016.

The Honda Clarity is now available in Japan, but the company limits its to government agencies and businesses there at first. The first examples of the fuel cell sedan arrive in the US late this year.

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