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Hyundai delivers Ontario's first Tucson Fuel Cell; Toyota partners on H2 supply chain.

BMW shares Vision Next 100 video. Nissan has a trick to top off batteries. First Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell delivered in Ontario. Toyota tests hydrogen supply chain in Japan.


The hydrogen car will arrive in US later in 2016.

The Honda Clarity is now available in Japan, but the company limits its to government agencies and businesses there at first. The first examples of the fuel cell sedan arrive in the US late this year.


The Forze VII can reach a top speed of about 130 mph and hits 62 mph from a standstill in less than four seconds.


Still, there are worse things for the environment.

A new study compares the water usage of various fuels, and shows room for improvement for alternative fuels.


Audi's H-Tron concept may lead the way for VW's fuel-cell debut.

Audi will likely be the brand behind Volkswagen's first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.


NHTSA suggests new high-voltage crash safety option.

Tesla's JB Straubel speaks at Discovery conference. NHTSA wants safety rules for fuel cell vehicles and mild hybrids to match international guidelines. Bangkok begins electric bus trial.


The Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept imagines a future where racecars are hydrogen powered, and this one has a total output of 496 hp.


More PHEVs, more hydrogen vehicles, and and electric Honda Cub are on the way.

CEO Takahiro Hachigo says two-thirds of all new Honda vehicles will be powered by some sort of electric powertrain - pure electric, PHEV or H2 - by 2030.


Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche says he believes EVs are "more likely" to come out on top than hydrogen cars.


An old prototype returns, in preparation for a 2018 launch.

Riversimple Rasa is the name of a new hydrogen-powered prototype that is based on an old design and wants to be on the market in 2018.


For EVs To Help Pollution, Coal Plants Need To Go

A video explains the second-gen GM Voltec drivetrain. Coal plants can make EVs dirtier than gas cars. The Tata Magic Iris Ziva is a tiny fuel-cell microvan.


1 Million Miles In The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

With cheap prices and tax credits, some refiners use biodiesel for free. Infiniti is considering PHEVs and hybrids over BEVs. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell drivers accumulate 1 million miles.


And Then Both Of Them To Gas Vehicles

UMTRI's paper weighs the merits of BEVs and FCEVs, and compares them to gasoline-powered cars.


Today, California Has Fewer Than A Dozen Public Hydrogen Stations In Operation

Toyota is discouraged by slower-than-expected deployment of hydrogen refueling stations, and is therefore tapping the brakes of Mirai deliveries.


With more H2 stations up and running in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hyundai is going to start leasing the Tucson Fuel Cell there soon.


EverCharge, Schneider Electric Partner On Multi-Tenant Charging Stations

Hyundai's Korea station fuels EVs and hydrogen cars. EverCharge and Schneider Electric will provide charging to multi-tenant buildings. Nissan will build the next-gen Leaf battery at its UK plant.


Why Does Every Hydrogen Vehicle Cost Pretty Much The Same?

There will soon be three hydrogen vehicles on the market. For some reason, they all cost $500 a month, even though they're all quite different. Odd, no?


GM and Honda may take a major step forward in their shared development of hydrogen fuel cell technology by opening a joint factory.


PowerCell Sweden Recieves First Order For 100-kW Fuel Cell Stack

James Mardsen and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid take on lumberjacks in a new ad. See Telsarati's guide to Tesla Model X wheels and tires. The PowerCell S3 is a 100-kW hydrogen fuel cell stack from Sweden.


WaPo Fact Checks Cruz On RFS

Replacing platinum catalysts makes fuel cells cheaper. Wired interviews Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connell during factory tour. The RFS doesn't "expire" in 2022, as Ted Cruz says.


The Toyota Mirai Kymeta Research Vehicle 001 Beams Into Detroit

A Mirai outfitted with Kymeta's flat antenna shows the possibility of a more-connected future for Toyota vehicles.

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