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Toyota takes Mirai to Just Water basketball event.

Workhorse to unveil W15 electric pickup in May. DOE funds EV promotion in Northeast through Plug In America. Toyota Mirai visits Just Hoops in Venice Beach.

Toyota has a strong commitment to fuel cell technology despite doubts within the field.

That's more 'under $500' than we were expecting.

Why pay more?

Zero emissions doesn't mean equal costs.

Follow the money.

Lexus exec implies that it'd take an SUV to fit desired fuel-cell powertrain.

Lexus may launch fuel-cell vehicle with a 300-horsepower mill, not the Mirai's 152-hp powertrain.

Somewhere in California, something is happening.

Toyota's is looking forward, we just can't see the entire picture.

EVs will have the most comprehensive routes, but hydrogen will get more options than ever.

FCHEA launches 'Zero Emissions. Zero Compromise.'

Welsh writers love this Welsh FCEV. Singapore's self-driving surge continues. FCHEA touts fuel cell tech in the Northeast.

Hydrogen-powered Clarity's MPGe rating will be a somewhat modest 68.

You could get stranded a long, long way from the nearest hydrogen station.

The Toyota FC Bus is coming soon.

It's the biggest Mirai around.

China gives CH-Auto the go-ahead to build electric cars.

The Mayor of Monaco drove one of the three Mirais in the 2016 e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. US industry would like tax credits to favor domestic producers. CH-Auto allowed to build 50,000 EVs per year.

UPS adds range-extended delivery trucks; Renault Zoe to compete in 2016 e-Rallye Monte Carlo.

Autopilot 8.0 gets compared to older versions. Renault Zoe competes in e-Rallye Monte Carlo for third year. Air Liquide celebrates Hydrogen Day with a helpful app. UPS adds more hybrid trucks to its fleet.

It's not legally binding, but a ban on internal combustion could potentially spread across the entire European Union.

DOE announces new H2 funding.

Tesla's new '2170' cells sound impressive. No more Solid White or Titanium Metallic for Model S and Model X. The DOE offers $30 million for fuel cell projects.

Audi accelerates H2 program with Ballard; Car2go hits 2 million members.

Bus almost takes out Tesla truck. Former Tesla engineer says he was fired for being old. Audi orders fuel cell tech from Ballard. Car2go members take a trip every 1.5 seconds.

Or buses, or cargo trucks, or vans.

Zero emissions could meet large vehicles with Toyota tech, some day.

Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 range record; EVgo gets a new PR agency.

A Taxi company ordered its own 12-stall Supercharger station. Secretary Foxx visited the ITIC. Delivery drivers set a Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 range record.

The hydrogen fuel cell provides juice for a portable power unit while another system harnesses the ZH2's water emissions to provide a drink for thirsty troops.

Germany gets one of the world's first fuel cell passenger trains.

Tesla says the accelerator was pressed in gym crash. Autonomous "Roboats" sound promising for water transport. H2 trains reduce pollution where tracks aren't electrified.

Automaker cuts $150 off the lease price to spur sales.

You still get three years of free hydrogen, though.

Tesla has longer range, but Toyota Mirai goes the furthest in a day.

But the Toyota Mirai claims victory with the longest all-electric drive in 24 hours.

Don't worry about running out of oil, the emissions will get us first.

The Union of Concerned Scientists' Dr. Jeremy Martin gives a realistic look at the future of fuels both traditional and alternative.

Poland wants more EVs; S. Korea gets more FCVs from Hyundai.

Formula E drives on the the Arctic ice cap to raise awareness about climate change. Ethanol producers are emitting more NOx than they know.

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