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Tiny EVs might have trouble in the land of big vehicles.

Chinese company ZD already operates a car-sharing fleet in Italy, and is now thinking of coming to the US.


JAC considers building EVs in Bulgaria.

Cal State has contracted to install 12-MWh worth of Tesla Powerpacks. JAC considers building EVs in Bulgaria. Toyota delivered Norway's first Mirai to Uno-X Hydrogen.


Light rail fuels development in Phoenix.

Karma Automotive adds more experts to its staff. Businesses develop along Phoenix light rail line. Genovation looks to beat its own record.


Nissan and Dongfeng to launch cheaper EV in China.

BYD says it will ramp up annual production to 5,000 electric buses at its Qingdao plant. Dongfeng Nissan will launch a more affordable EV this summer. Tesla Model 3 customers begin to receive thank-you gifts.


Formula E parnters with sports charity StreetGames.

Audi will build an electric version of the Q5 in Mexico. Tesla asks for a $106 million tax break for its Fremont expansion. Sam Bird to join StreetGames soccer tournament on behalf of Formula E.


Colorado streamlines its EV tax credit policy.

BYD sells EV buses to French operators, and begins a trial in Paris. Colorado's new incentive law could accelerate EV sales. New website DrivingZEV tracks green car progress.


Satirist news site will work with Elio as company prepares product launch.

Three-wheel automaker Elio partners with satirist the Onion on election-themed marketing campaign.


Transport technology is "urban scaffolding"; Toyota plans green HQ.

Fully Charged explores the Tesla Model X. Read all about Daimler's autonomous truck. Transport systems shape cities even after they're gone. Toyota's new HQ gets the green treatment.


'We will electrify all Mercedes-Benz passenger car model series.'

Dr. Thomas Weber talks about plans for electrifying Mercedes-Benz cars, the future of fuel cells, and why all powertrains are important.


It'll be at Goodwood later this month.

Toyota entered its fuel cell Mirai in the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb, marking the car's UK motorsport debut. Goodwood is next.


Johnson Controls builds plant for stop-start batteries in China; Montreal airport gets Tesla taxis.

EDF's nuclear plant uses autonomous shuttles. Here's how to swap out Model X LEDs. Model S taxis arrive at Montreal airport. Johnson Controls builds its fourth battery plant in China.


Queensland funds maker of fast chargers.

David So is impressed with his new Tesla. Queensland, Australia funds Tritium's fast charging efforts. SAE has published its J2954 wireless charging standard.


FCA talks to Uber about driverless cars; Chile offers free solar energy.

Storm Eindhoven will take its electric touring motorcycle on the road. Chile is giving away solar electricity. FCA is reportedly in talks with Uber. Elio COO joins YoYo carsharing service as CEO.


Samsung will supply cells for Tesla Energy, not EVs.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted out that Samsung will not be supplying cells for Tesla's EVs. But it will for Tesla Energy.


Opel continues to deny emission cheat allegations; S. Korean President touts partnership between Hyundai, Air Liquide

Opel denies emissions cheats. South Korea and France push ahead on hydrogen. CARB fights methane emissions in oil and gas industry. Toyota's Plano campus to use 25 percent solar power.


Daimler launches Mercedes-Benz Energy for stationary storage.

Venturi launches a Kickstarter campaign to break its EV speed record. Kia partners with UC Irvine on V2G technology. Daimler launches Mercedes-Benz Energy to sell stationary storage globally.


Silicon Valley sure seems interested in cars.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is watching the competition closely, including electric cars from existing manufacturers, and potentially Apple.


Mercedes-Benz to use particulate filters in gasoline-powered cars, too.

Mercedes-Benz to use particulate filtration tech on gasoline engines. Tesla drops price of its mobile charger by $100. The Volvo Concept Truck uses 30 percent less fuel.


Daimler invests over $3B in clean diesel; AT&T works toward 250K EVs in CA.

Spain wants a Tesla factory, badly. Daimler is investing $3.35 billion in clean diesel. AT&T California is hosting EV test drives. OSU wins the second round of EcoCar 3.


Faraday Future may take up residence near Tesla in the San Francisco Bay Area. PSA plans for EVs in China and production in Europe.


Renault takes part in Fast-E.

A QR code reveals Tesla's Mexican Supercharger plans. Lyft tests ride scheduling in San Francisco. Renault partners with EU on fast-charging infrastructure in Europe.

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