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2010 BMW X5 M - Click above for high-res image gallery No one ever said that evolution is pretty. Take the best-of-breed BMW M Division product: the E30 M3. Little more than a homologated race car, the first generation M3 was potent, nimble, and with its small displacement 2.3-liter…

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2015 BMW X5 M
MSRP: $98,700 - $98,700
2013 BMW X5 M
MSRP: $88,850 - $88,850
2012 BMW X5 M
MSRP: $87,250 - $87,250
2011 BMW X5 M
MSRP: $85,700 - $85,700
2010 BMW X5 M
MSRP: $85,500 - $85,500
2016 BMW X5 M is big and bold, not beautiful

Awesome as it is, the BMW X5 M has never really been an attractive machine. Big and bulgy are the themes here, and that's only more pronounced with the X5's most recent refresh. But no matter, the X5 M has never been about looks – for this machine, it's all about performance, and BMW's hi-po crossover absolutely delivers in this regard.
BMW unveils 2016 X5 M and X6 M super CUVs

The second-generation BMW X5 M and X6 M have officially made their arrival for the speed-obsessed, crossover-loving masses that aren't willing to turn to Mercedes-AMG or Land Rover Special Operations.
X4 launch to spearhead BMW crossover onslaught at NY Auto Show

It's no secret that crossovers are one of the key vehicle types driving today's auto industry profits, and nowhere is that more true than among the world's luxury brands. BMW became one of the first players in the luxury CUV segment when it launched its original X5 in 1999, and buoyed by that model's runaway success, it followed up with the X3 in 2003, the X6 in 2008 and the X1 in 2009 (though the latter didn't make it to the US until late 2012). It's replaced the X5 twice since then and the X3

For Sale

2006 BMW X5
/ 93,703 miles / MD
2010 BMW X5
$25,581 / 60,664 miles / MD
2015 BMW X5
$65,800 / unknown miles / MD
"High-performance SUVs are a rare breed, and the...BMW X5 M tops this short list by delivering astonishing performance while making few sacrifices.
Bmw of Fairfax Service Center
2805 Old Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031 17.40 miles
BMW of Fairfax
8427 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031 17.62 miles
Bmw Of Fairfax
2924 Prosperity Ave Fairfax, VA 22031 17.64 miles