Launched out of the seat by a huge, unexpected dip in the road, yet still held largely in place by the smooth webbing of my safety belt, I clench my teeth waiting to come back to earth. A tenth of a second later, the M4 Coupe touches down and my body is slammed into the leather seat cushion. All of…

- Reviewed by Michael Harley


2015 BMW M4
MSRP: $64,200 - $72,500
BMW preparing new M4 GTS with water injection

BMW is said to be working the new water injection system that debuted on the M4 MotoGP safety car into the new M4 GTS, along with a raft of other track-focused enhancements.
AC Schnitzer ACS4 Sport packs 510 hp under a subdued carbon fiber bodykit

Despite its carbon-fiber bodykit, the AC Schnitzer ACS4 Sport looks surprisingly subdued, but under the hood it packs 510 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque at the Geneva Motor Show.
BMW reveals M4 safety car with innovating water injection system [w/video]

BMW has been providing the safety cars for the MotoGP series for 16 years now, but this latest M4 outfitted for duty also packs an innovative water injection system to optimize combustion that could see implementation on production models in the near future.

For Sale

2015 BMW M4
$80,325 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW M4
$85,375 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW M4
$77,489 / unknown miles / MD
"The driving position is excellent; the new sport seats offer good lateral support and more adjustment than you will likely ever need.
Bmw of Fairfax Service Center
2805 Old Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031 17.40 miles
BMW of Fairfax
8427 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031 17.62 miles
Bmw Of Fairfax
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