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The 718 Boxster is in line to get electrified, as well.

The company hopes its first EV will be a huge hit.

Volvo has solutions for the tedious parts of car ownership.

The engine in the latest Le Mans competitor is in front of the rear axle.

This 911 RSR isn't like other 911s.

Opting for all-wheel drive bumps the price up to $51,205.

If you forgot, the trio really hates the Prius.

Looking sharp, like a baby CX-9.

Big brother's looks trickle down to the smaller SUV.

The administration announced a sound requirement for silent vehicles.

You'll finally be able to hear hybrids and electric cars coming.

SUVs, CUVs, and minivans are competing on their own for the first time.

As usual, there are some surprising entries on the list.

A four-mile racetrack sounds like a practical Porsche perk.

The complex is a playground for all things Porsche.

Leno has nothing but good things to say about the icon.

It comes out this week!

The trio had 549 constructive debates and seven romantic meals.

Hopefully, many of them will come to the US market.

At least judging by the emblem on the equipment.

Cadillac's Super Cruise looks like it's almost ready.

The US model will mimic the Euro-market Opel's sheetmetal.

A Buick Regal wagon that looks this good is a must.

Digital store Humble Bundle is celebrating its birthday by giving away presents.

But $900m will be pouring into three other GM plants.

The plans affect GM's plant in Lansing, MI and Lordstown, OH.

The new entry-level Panameras get a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6.

Your choice of 5.9 more inches or a little less power. Or both.

A crappy wrap and ghastly wheels don't flatter the hybrid sports car.

Austin Mahone's i8 is controversial, at best.

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