How to make a BMW i8 polarizing in two easy steps

A crappy wrap and ghastly wheels don't flatter the hybrid sports car.

Celebrities have a way of modifying gorgeous sports cars to their questionable tastes, and Austin Mahone (don't feel bad if you don't know who he is, we had to look him up too), an American singer, managed to do just that with a BMW i8.

Mahone decided to cover the i8 in a wrap that is meant to make the sports car look like its rotting away. The wrap comes courtesy of MetroWrapz in Hollywood, FL and the company claims it's one of a kind. The Vossen wheels, finished in an interesting shade of gold, complete the look, or clash with it, depending on your perspective.

We understand why someone might want to stand out with a uniquely-accented vehicle, but this may be a wrap too far. If you disagree, as Automobile points out the company can do something similar to your vehicle to the tune of $6,000.

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