Jay Leno's first time behind the wheel of the F40 is a magical moment

Jay Leno has a vast collection of cars and thanks to his connections gets to drive other incredible machines. But Leno has never experienced the raw, visceral feel of a Ferrari F40, until now. It doesn't take long for him to call it the best Ferrari he's ever driven and to claim that it's one of the most exciting cars to drive.

The 1990 F40 belongs to Ferrari collector and jeweler David Lee. The vehicle, like the rest of Lee's collection, is immaculate. Lee isn't a stranger to Jay Leno's Garage and has let Leno experience his other Ferraris in the past. But the F40, in all of its turbocharged fury, is Leno's favorite Prancing Horse.

As Leno claims, the F40 is a visceral, raw machine that caters to those that enjoy driving. There are no driver aids to help put down the 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8's power and nothing in the way to dilute the driving experience. Leno even goes as far as claiming the F40 is Italy's version of the AC Cobra, which is high praise from a person that isn't a huge fan of the brand. Leno clearly caught the Ferrari bug. All it took was a drive in the iconic F40.

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