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Volvo Concierge Services will wash and gas your S90

Volvo doesn't want its owners to deal with the tedious parts of car ownership and to help make things easier, the Swedish automaker is introducing a pilot program called Volvo Concierge Services. It gives owners the ability to order gasoline for their car, get their car cleaned, and have someone take their car to get serviced.

The pilot program will be launched in San Francisco, CA, this month and if all goes well will be followed by an invitation to 300 Volvo XC90 and S90 owners. The services are offered through the owner's smartphone, as an app, and differs from the automaker's current On Call connected car app, which allows users with cars from 2012 and up to check their car's fuel level, lock and unlock the vehicle, and more.

After requesting a specific service through the app, an authorized user gets a digital key, which is only good for one use that gives them access to the vehicle. The key is also time and location specific. Once the service is complete, the authorized user can deliver the vehicle back to where the owner left it or drop it off at another location. Filld, a fuel-delivery company that recently teamed up with Bentley, will be in charge of bringing fuel to Volvo owners.

Volvo isn't coming out of left field with this service, as its research indicates that 70 percent of consumers want fueling services, and 56 percent want someone else to take their vehicle to get serviced.

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