We've got to say: we're really enjoying the MotorWeek incarnation of this Throwback Thursday trend that seems to be enveloping everyone's social media feeds. MW has an almost impossibly deep library of historical tape to draw from, meaning each recent Thursday has met with another gem dropped on YouTube.

The last old-timer that drew our interest (and yours, based on all the comments) was a sports car showdown of epic, 1990s proportions. Today though, we've got one of the most legendary supercars of all time, the Ferrari F40, presented with the wholesome goodness that is John Davis' signature style. Any classic road test of the the F40 would probably earn our clicks, but this particular video comes with some added drama around the 5:10 mark.

Don't rush there, it's fun to listen to the period-correct praise along the way, but prepare yourself for a near-miss that's almost as breathtaking as the Ferrari itself.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Andre Neves
      • 9 Months Ago

      I'm no cyclist, but if I was hit by an F40 in mid-drift, i'd be honored.

        • 9 Months Ago
        @Andre Neves

        I wonder if that cyclist knows this video exist.

      • 9 Months Ago

      The best bang for the buck ever created!  The Best of the Best.

      • 9 Months Ago

      It was only about $500k new in inflation adjusted dollars. That's a heck of a lot cheaper than a new LaFerrari.

        The Comeback Kid
        • 9 Months Ago

        It actually sold for 400,000$ in 1987 so adjusted for inflation of today it would be about 830,000$.

        Still 1/2 the price of the LaFerrari.

          • 9 Months Ago
          @The Comeback Kid

          And the LaFerrari would destroy it on a track. The LaFerarri is also NOT a stripped out race car for the street. That being said, the F40 is still amazing.

      • 9 Months Ago

      I went straight to 5:10...

      • 9 Months Ago

      At 5:10 the camera angle may have exaggerated the danger. But MotorWeak should have edited out that part.


      JD is … a thing...

        • 9 Months Ago
        at this point,  yep.