2015 Volkswagen GTI

Following the announcement that Audi will be using the Wörthersee Tour to unveil a lightweight version of the TT called the TT Ultra Quattro Concept, we're now hearing that Volkswagen also has plans to show off a special concept vehicle at the annual brand-centric performance festival. According to Car magazine, VW will bring a hotter version of the GTI to the show, although not quite as hot as the 2007 VW GTI W12 concept.

After speaking with VW R&D boss Ulrich Hackenberg, the article says that the concept could be a preview of a future version of the new GTI, and with the 2015 model year signifying the 40th anniversary of the hot hatch that started it all, we expect to see this new model sooner rather than later. The 2013 Wörthersee Tour runs from May 17 to 19, so we don't have much longer to wait before we see this new concept.