Chevrolet Volt emblem

Automotive News reports General Motors may redesign the battery pack found in the Chevrolet Volt in response to an investigation by federal authorities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that in certain crash situations in which the Volt suffered a side impact, the battery pack could catch fire after sitting for several days. In response, GM has offered around 5,500 Volt customers a loaner vehicle until a solution to the issue can be determined. Now, CEO Dan Akerson has said that the battery pack may receive a redesign.

In addition, GM won't sell the Volt's European corporate cousin, the Opel Ampera, until the issue can be resolved. Akerson reiterated that the Volt is a safe car, pointing to the vehicle's excellent crash test ratings. Those buyers who have brought the Volt home have been plenty satisfied with the vehicle as well, with Consumer Reports reporting 93 percent of Volt owners would purchase the vehicle again.