The Ergo Bike Premium 8i lets you race other bikers using the web

There is absolutely no good reason for me to get an Ergo Bike Premium 8i. It would be just too embarrassing! I am not nearly good enough a rider to consider challenging anybody with any real skill. I like to ride for fun, though. If you consider riding a stationary bike too boring, but need or want the exercise, maybe you should consider one of these for yourself. This stationary cycle allows you to socially network yourself with other people who enjoy bike riding and who might be a tad competitive. Using an internet connection, people with the Ergo bike can stage rides together, watch their heart rates and breathing statistics and do it all on virtual versions of the world's best rides. Using VoIP connections and video, riders can interact with each other to give support or to talk a little smack.

Alternatively, the bike records how many watts your are putting out, so if you ever decided that you'd like to make your own electricity, well... now you can see just how impractical it may be. Unless you are in really, really good shape that is. In a very real sense, your mileage may vary.

[Source: CNET News]

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