File this one under, "See What Happens When You're Hungry?" General Motors has created a dedicated team of customer service agents whose sole job is to track down company and product mentions, good and bad, in the social-mediasphere. If the mention is a bad one, the team will attempt to connect the unsatisfied party with a GM representative who can help resolve the issue.

The revelation underpinning the team's formation is that "GM has found that its customers have higher satisfaction with the company if the automaker is proactively looking to help people." Shocking, we know. It began last summer with another 50-person squad – among GM's five call centers – just doing web chats with people shopping for GM products. After that, five people were pulled together to monitor Facebook, et al to gather references to anything GM.

Not everyone can be helped, naturally, such as the woman griping about her 100,000-mile Cadillac on Twitter. But the fact that GM is reaching out to customers to proactively address issues... well... did any of you see that coming? And it's going so well that the five-person will be expanded come April. Go GM. Finally.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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