Top speeding ticket Tweets: Top States – click above for the complete infographic

Getting a speeding ticket is like slamming your hand in the car door, breaking your hand and then paying the hospital bill – only worse. Mostly because after the pain of paying the ticket goes away, your insurance may be raised by hundreds of dollars per year. And if you follow friends (and Autoblog) on Twitter, you've likely read about someone you know getting a bloody speeding ticket.

The folks at probably know a thing or two about how a few points on your record can raise insurance rates, and they've decided to analyze how many Twitter users complain about tickets. The results? As you can see from the above graphic, California leads the nation in ticket Tweets by quite a percentage, followed by New York, Texas, Florida and Ohio. What's more, a full 44 percent of those Tweets come from Los Angeles, which comes as a shock to nobody.

The top five states are perhaps a bit predictable, mainly because they represent five of the top seven most populous states in the Union. Taking a closer look at the results does show that 20 percent more Ohio residents Tweet about tickets than Illinois residents. This, in spite of the fact that the home state of the Windy City has 1.4 million more people. Ditto for New York, which takes the number two spot despite the Lone Star State having another five million residents. Check out the complete infographic after the jump.

[Source: Free Insurance Quotes]

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