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Scoot hits million-mile mark, expands network with GenZe 2.0

Scoot plans to launch in new markets in 2017.

San Fransisco's electric scooter service add to its network while celebrating a million electric miles.

The Scoot Quad is Nissan's small step toward EV car sharing

We Whir Around San Francisco In Renault-Nissan's Tiny EV Wonder

Nissan imports the Renault Twizy EV and partners with Scoot in San Francisco for a new kind of car sharing. We take the weird little machine for a drive.

Scoot launches electric car rentals and plans second city expansion

Scoot's small car sharing program brings Nissan New Mobility Concept EVs to the streets of San Francisco.

Two Wheels
SF Bay Area e-scooter sharing service starts beta tests

A San Francisco-based electric-scooter-sharing service has started beta testing, with plans to launch its service to the public next year, GigaOm reports.

Gallery: High quality images of the Scoot - a simple electric scooter in search of a partner

Here is a high quality gallery where you can view pictures of the scooter which sometimes is called only "Scoot", and at other times is called the "Electroscoot". Whatever you choose to call it, the vehicle is an electric-powered, two-wheeled alternative means of transportation.