Gallery: High quality images of the Scoot - a simple electric scooter in search of a partner

Here is a high quality gallery where you can view pictures of the scooter which sometimes is called only "Scoot", and at other times is called the "Electroscoot". Whatever you choose to call it, the vehicle is an electric-powered, two-wheeled alternative means of transportation.

The idea, of course, is that this vehicle will accomplish the minor errands and runnings around of the average day, without the need to fire up your two-ton fire-breathing monster-mobile (just kidding). Honestly, I think that something along these lines would be useful to me personally. There are times when even taking my motorcycle seems wasteful, and I don't always feel like strapping rollerblades on or taking my bicycle.

The design of this scooter is refreshing to me. Look hard (easy to do with our supplied gallery) and you will be pressed to find anything that isn't necessary, and the necessary items are all well integrated and styled. Not since the Vespa of the 1940's has a scooter design been so simple. Currently, the set of companies which worked on the design is looking for partners to put the vehicle into production. Apparently they have gotten interest, but none of the parties interested met the teams scrutiny; it seems they would rather only do the project if it can be done right the first time - good strategy. If anyone is interested in helping these scooters get produced, let us know in the comments and I will forward the information to the companies. Or, if you would like more information into what went into the design of the scooter, just ask.

The 11 pictures in the gallery are all 1280-pixels wide and you are free to use as them you wish. They would make a great background!


[Source: GRO Design]

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