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For sale. As is, where is.

There are three Porsches up for auction in southeastern Michigan, but considering one's been flattened and all three are torched, you probably shouldn't bid.


Petrolicious heads to France to cruise around with an artist and his Bahama Yellow 1967 Porsche 912.


If you haven't looked recently, prices for many vintage Porsche 911s are now well out of the realm for mortal men to purchase. However, the growing values have their advantages because they mean that the 912 is being better accepted as a member of the Porsche family. In a new video, Petrolicious talks to one owner about his mildly modified example while the coupe zips through the backroads and city streets of France.


Larry Kosilla, the founder of the Ammo NYC line of car cleaning products, has his own show YouTube's Drive network – we saw his work before when he gave a Ferrari 288 GTO a two-day detailing job. On this episode, Kosilla gets called in to do his best with a 1966 Porsche 912, a car that was last registered in 1990 and recently found in a barn in Connecticut.

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When Porsche decided to move on from its very successful 356 line, there was a faction of people who were concerned that the 911 would be too expensive and wished the German automaker would stick with its successes -- four-cylinder sports cars to be specific. While history will look back at the 911 as being the quintessential sports car, regardless of manufacturer, Porsche was hedging its bets by also introducing the 912, which had the body of the 911 along with the engine from the 356. The 912