Perversion or Perfection? Porsche 912 converted to electric

When Porsche decided to move on from its very successful 356 line, there was a faction of people who were concerned that the 911 would be too expensive and wished the German automaker would stick with its successes -- four-cylinder sports cars to be specific. While history will look back at the 911 as being the quintessential sports car, regardless of manufacturer, Porsche was hedging its bets by also introducing the 912, which had the body of the 911 along with the engine from the 356. The 912 turned out to be a sales success, outselling the 911 for the first two years they were both on the market. Ultimately, though, the faster and more expensive 911 won out and the 912 was discontinued.

Now that history class is over, take a look at this Porsche 912, which has had its four-banger tossed in favor of an 88-horsepower electric motor. The lead acid batteries allow for a top speed of 100 miles per hour and a range of about 55 miles at a steady 62 mph cruising speed. While this car might be a nightmare to some die hard Porschephiles, it's a really well done and very nice-looking conversion. Thanks for the tip, Christian!

[Source: German Car Blog]

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