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Automakers recall another 1.7 million cars with fatal Takata airbags

Part of the long-running series of recalls; death toll stands at 23

Part of the long-running series of recalls; death toll stands at 23.

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Cadillac Super Cruise wins the 2019 Autoblog Technology of the Year Award

Semi-autonomous tech that simply works

Semi-autonomous tech that simply works.

‘Yee haw’ in Italian - Alfa Romeo Giulia is the Car of Texas

You can't underestimate the visceral pull of the new Giulia Quadrifoglio's 505 horsepower wrapped in the Alfa's sweet, seductive sheetmetal.

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The Infiniti Q60 Black S gets an F1 KERS system

The coupe packs a twin-turbocharged engine and a hybrid system for extra performance.

Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla to build own Autopilot chip, Gigafactory employs 850 with more to come

African countries demand cleaner diesel; Famr Bureau members get $500 off the Chevy Bolt.

Was Tesla's in-house chip rumor just confirmed? Tesla is adding a lot of Gigafactory jobs. Five African countries will refuse dirtier diesel. Farm Bureau members save on the Bolt.

These are the most reliable cars in America

Half the cars noted for reliability from Consumer Reports come from Toyota.

These are the ten most reliable cars available in America according to Consumer Reports. Most of the cars are from Japan, and only one is from the US.

German Luftwaffe introduces 'Cyber Tiger' paint scheme

The customized Eurofighter Typhoon will take part in this month's annual NATO Tiger Meet.

NATO's annual Tiger Meet kicks this month, and the German Luftwaffe is bringing an awesome feline-liveried Eurofighter Typhoon to the exercise.

The new breed of exotic European SUVs

There's a new class of luxurious and powerful SUVs coming from some of Europe's most exotic automakers. Join us for a look at what's to come.

NYC police boss urges 'buddy system' for women in cabs

NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton says women should, 'adopt the buddy system' when they ride in a cab, especially late at night.

Renderings have us excited for reinvigorated Honda Civic Si

The new Honda Civic Si is still a long ways out, but that doesn't mean that enthusiasts aren't already speculating on what the new coupe will look like.

Volkswagen's emissions deception brings more scrutiny to entire industry

NHTSA Chief Wonders If Other Automakers Employ Same Tricks

Volkswagen's emissions cheating will have ramifications for the entire auto industry when it comes to dealing with regulators, says federal safety official.

2016 Kia Soul EV gets $2k-cheaper base model

Kia has updated its Soul EV range, adding the new entry-level EV-e trim, which reportedly slashes the price by some $2,000 before incentives.