German Luftwaffe introduces 'Cyber Tiger' paint scheme

The customized Eurofighter Typhoon will take part in this month's annual NATO Tiger Meet.

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Tigers cannot fly. We know this, because they have massive claws instead of wings. But despite being one of the world's many flightless cats, Panthera tigris, has a strong history of appearing on fighter aircraft. In fact, the motif is so common that there's actually a NATO Tiger Association, made up of nearly three dozen fixed-wing and rotary squadrons from across Europe, North America, and even India. They gather at an annual Tiger Meet. No, we're not making any of this up.

NATO Tiger Meet 2016 is coming up at the Spanish Air Force's base at Zaragoza, and in preparation for it, the German Luftwaffe has come up with an awesome livery for its Eurofighter Typhoon. It comes from the Bavarian Tigers, a group made up from the 741 and 742 Squadrons of the 74th Tactical Air Force Wing, and it's called the Cyber Tiger.

According to The Aviationist, this isn't the first time the Bavarian Tigers have popped into the annual meeting. Their 2014 livery, for example, still used a Eurofighter as a canvas, but the much more traditional tiger livery covered the entire plane. The Cyber Tiger is more reserved, featuring a cat with glowing green eyes and digital camouflage. It covers the entire tail and bleeds toward the front of the wings. But from the middle of the plane forward, this looks like a traditional Luftwaffe Typhoon.

Check it out in the gallery up top. NATO Tiger Meet 2016 kicks off on May 16 and will feature 20 different units. On top of Germany's Eurofighters, there will be Spanish EF-18 Growlers, Belgian Air Force F-16s, French Navy Rafale Ms, Hungarian Air Force JAS-39 Grippens, and Czech Air Force Mi-24 Hind and Mi-17 Hip helicopters.

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